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Mastering Tech Sales: Insights from Top Sales Leader Zac Blakely

January 21, 2024

Are you looking to transform your technoloy sales strategy? Glean wisdom from top sales leader Zac Blakely as he provides an insightful roadmap to conquering the tech sales landscape. Zac Blakely is Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at Foundations Sales Consulting where he works alongside his other partners to provide industry leading sales and revenue development services. Foundations Sales Consulting helps organizations find their revenue potential through incorporating world class sales training and best of breed emerging-technologies. 

Breaking Into Tech Sales with Training and Value

Zac Blakely's journey into tech sales was unconventional. With several years of sales experience under his belt, he honed his skills at ADP, acquiring world-class tech training. His advice for those eyeing the tech sales arena is to become indispensable to startups by gaining experience at larger enterprises and consistently delivering value.

Identifying and Understanding Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Finding the right leads in tech sales requires a mastery of due diligence and research. Blakely suggests turning to top-performing colleagues for insights and focusing on developing a business ideal customer profile (ICP). This involves identifying client pain points, metrics for success, and procurement capacities. Approach the organization top-down, and create personas to gain a comprehensive understanding of how best to serve their needs.

Customer Outreach and Creating Scalable Processes

Effective customer outreach is about scalability; can't scale a non-working strategy. Blakely underscores the importance of documenting success and then establishing a process that stimulates opportunities at the top of the funnel. He advises using business intelligence and data analysis to build a repeatable and scalable sales formula, focusing on inputs and outputs. Addressing improvement in closing abilities or applying automation where it's most impactful is key to success.

Leveraging Sales Automation Tools for Efficiency

Blakely is a strong advocate for creating a sales stack that works harmoniously towards fostering business intelligence. He utilizes a range of tools such as Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, Aptivio, and Apollo for data mining, alongside Client Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) for organizing data and cold calling tools like ConnectAndSell to streamline operations. Integration of tools like HubSpot is also part of his arsenal to ensure efficiency across the sales process.

Automating Post-Meeting Operations to Focus on Sales

Automation of post-meeting activities such as follow-up emails and CRM updates is an aspect of sales Blakely wishes to be automated. His belief is that automating these tasks would allow salespeople to concentrate on confirming and sending out requests, saving valuable time. 

Cold Outreach Strategies for Optimal Open and Response Rates

When it comes to sending cold emails or LinkedIn messages, brevity is the name of the game. Blakely maintains messages should be concise, devoid of unnecessary fluff, and should present a clear call to action. The aim is to create messages that are phone-friendly and easy to respond to swiftly.

Multiple Follow-Ups and Nurturing Cold Leads

Blakely's strategy for follow-ups values medium adaptability. Recognizing that communication preferences vary, he emphasizes reaching out via the most active channels for the recipient, whether it's social media, email, phone, or texting. For leads that have gone cold, Blakely recommends sending value-based content and engaging in nurture campaigns to rekindle interest.

Building Relationships and Closing Deals

Developing relationships from cold leads involves staying on their radar and continuously providing value. Showing empathy and tailoring communication to address the unique problems of each potential client, whether it's the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As for closing deals, Blakely suggests aligning your closing timeline with the client's decision-making process and ensuring they understand the value your solution provides in alleviating their pain points.

Zac Blakely's success in tech sales is a testament to his strategic, value-first approach, emphasizing research, the smart use of automation, and a personalized touch in customer interactions. Follow Blakely's lead to elevate your own sales strategies and drive remarkable results in the competitive field of tech sales.

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