New Product Feature Launch: Prospect Inquiry
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Empower your job search with AI

Spark Prospect aggregates all the jobs from the top job boards. It creates custom resumes for you based on your experience for every job. Our Career Coach AI helps you write cover letters, answer questions, and gives advice. Our Employee Search lets you find decision makers at a company and find the best ways to contact them.

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Smart Resumes, Smarter Searches

Transform your job search with AI-powered tools

Enhance your job application success by letting AI tailor your resume and guide your outreach to employers
Customized resume creation
AI career coaching
Strategic employee search
Enhanced job discovery
Automated cover letter drafting
Application tracking
Feedback on application materials
Improved engagement techniques
Job apps on cruise control

Take your Interview prep to the next level with Spark Prospect

Spark Prospect makes interviews easy. Spark Prospect uses artificial intelligence to understand the personalities of the those making the hiring decisions. We create custom messages for them and allows you to ask any question about them from their LinkedIn data.

Personality Assessment

Get the top personality assessments applied to any LinkedIn profile.
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Pitch Builder

Create highly engaging pitches for outreach to prospects.
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Prospect Inquiry

Ask questions of LinkedIn profiles that AI can answer.
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Enhanced job applictions wih AI

Use artificial intelligence to enhance your job application skills! Spark Prospect automates your job apps from searching to custom resumes and finally learning about who is going to interview you and what they like and dislike.
Custom Resume and Cover Letter: Spark Propsect uses the job escription and your LinkedIn profile to create custom resumes and cover letters for every job.
Networking insights: View detailed interaction data with potential employers for strategic communication.
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Artificial intelligence for all your job pplication

Spark Prospect is the AI-powered job application platform that enables you to put your job app on crouse controll.
View the AI platform
Custom Resume for every job with AI
In-depth personality assessments on hiring managers.
Generate messages to mesage job prospects.
Save time by automating your job applications
Track job applications and messages

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